Packtypes Connect

Packtypes Connect


Time spent with loved ones is incredibly valuable

Family life can be funny and rewarding. Other times it’s emotional and makes us cry, but whatever form it takes, time with family and friends is the time we remember and value most.


But family life can also be frustrating and challenging. Sometimes we row with those we love. No one will listen and when we try and say the right thing, the words come out wrong.


The secret to a rewarding family life is understanding what makes different family member tick. Being able to see things through their eyes. 
Only when we are able to recognise and embrace individual family differences, can we love each other for who we really are.


Understand family and friends

Packtypes Connect brings families together and gets them talking. It helps families understand and love each other. It’s fascinating and entertaining to play!


A straightforward card game

There’s 64 cards in the Packtypes Pack, each with a different word on it.
Pick 12 cards that best describe whoever you’re Packtyping; kids, partner, friends, celebrities or yourself!

Turn the cards over to discover which Packtypes you are, ‘Hound’, ‘Terrier’, or ‘Coachdog’ for

A quick glance at the Packtypes Connect Guide reveals what this says about you. Now the talking starts and family discovery really begins…


Things you’ll discover

- The natural strengths and preferences of different family members.

- Everyone’s ideal career, perfect partner type and favourite pastime.

- How to avoid unnecessary arguments and disagreements.

- What different family members enjoy doing and why.

- How to build and strengthen important friendships.

- What different people admire about each other.

- Simple ways to overcome personal challenges.

- The best way to love and support each other.

- How to motivate different family members.


Proven to enhance relationships

Launched in 2007 1000’s of UK schools, the NHS, the police and other government agencies and other companies and organisations now use Packtypes to enhance personal confidence and improve individual and team performance and relationships.


For a fun game, Packtypes certainly has a serious impact!

Includes: Packtypes Cards and 'How to Play' guide