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Small and Medium Enterprises

15 years working with our highly diverse client base has proven that not only can Packtypes transform individual and team performance, it can also transform culture and organisational performance, in any size of organisation.

How Packtypes drives cultural transformation:

  • We inspire your leadership team to ‘turn your people into your greatest asset’, developing them as leaders as we go and creating keen empowerment advocates in the process.

  • We engage your ‘entire organisation’. This is only possible because Packtypes is unprecedentedly cost effective, accessible and adaptable.  At the same time, we train supervisors and managers to hold ‘Packtypes Performance Conversations’. Given that till now, 40% of the working population receive no training at all, this is a game changer.

  • We embed tried and tested Packtypes based, performance improvement processes in your people systems. This way we ensure the performance improvements you enjoy are permanent, not fleeting. 

  • We work with expert licensees and delivery partners used to the specific needs and demands of SMEs.

  • We feed the latest and most practical ideas on how to engage and inspire your people, directly into your business. 

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Our SME Culture Improvement Partner

Bringing together the unique engagement and performance improvement capabilities of Packtypes with AddVantage Strategy’s programme delivery experience and excellent client service feedback, helps us offer tried and tested, performance improvement programmes to SME clients.

3 Step Culture Advantage Programme

Packtypes Culture AddVantage Programme
Packtypes Teamwork and personal development, performance conversations. Packtypes Cultural Advantage Programme
Modular and ‘easy start’


Choosing the right culture development programme is one of the most important decisions any SME CEO can make. This is why we’ve designed our Culture AddVantage Programmes to be: 


  • Super easy to commit to:  A low risk way to get started that delivers immediate and tangible ROI. 

  • Step-by-step: A modular approach that puts you in control of how far you go at a pace of your choosing.

  • All inclusive: Simple, cost effective and practical enough to involve everyone. (This is key.)

  • World class: Access to leading expertise, often restricted to big companies with large budgets.  

  • Adaptable: Flexible enough to work for anyone, from factories to call centres, and builders to lawyers. 

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Packtypes Recruitment and Development

Packtypes is the most intuitive, playful and hands on approach to learning about yourself and other people, available anywhere. Implemented effectively it delivers unprecedented levels of self and social awareness and performance improvement.


As a recruitment and development tool, Packtypes helps you:


  • Present your organisation appealingly to the in-demand candidates you need.

  • Recruit individuals that match your priorities and situation. 

  • Recruit and develop with your challenges, values and team dynamics in mind. 

  • Equip, empower, and engage whole teams. 

  • Get teams talking openly together.

  • Encourage everyone to own and manage their development.

  • Unite teams and organisations around a compelling purpose.

  • Support staff wellbeing and positive mental health.


Helping you exceed expectation


Even with a tool as flexible and intuitive as Packtypes attracting, retaining and developing the right people isn’t easy, which is why we are on hand to make sure you achieve exceptional results, quickly.


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Our Packtypes Recruitment and Development Partner

No one understands how to attract, motivate and support people better than Edwards & Pearce. 

Trained and supported by us, Edwards & Pearce are expert in using Packtypes to facilitate smart recruitment and Packtypes based development. Responsive and adaptable, every project they undertake is approached individually with outstanding passion and commitment.

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