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Coaches and Team Leaders

Perfect for small business owners, team leaders and business coaches looking to improve the performance and engagement of team members. Our Packtypes DIY, Team Bag works exceptionally well, is highly cost effective, and easy to implement.

Our Packtypes DIY Solution contains everything you need to empower and engage individuals and teams. Tried and tested Packtypes Team Bag, includes easy to follow instructions, Packtypes Team Analysis Set, and 10 Packtypes Professionals.


• Easy to follow instructions on using Packtypes to equip and empower your team.

• Packtypes Professional Packs to equip and empower everyone in your team (10 included).

• Packtypes Team Set for inspirational and dynamic coaching and team building sessions.

• Quality Packtypes Team Bag to keep everything together as you travel around.

Helps you:

• Be an effective leader, coach and role model.

• Hold regular ‘performance conversations’ (difficult conversations, made easy).

• Achieve outstanding team relationships and teamwork.

• Encourage individuals to shape and manage their own personal development.

• Increase social literacy (enhanced self and social awareness) in everyone.

Why buy a Packtypes DIY Empowerment and Engagement Team Bag?

• Contains everything you need to implement Packtypes effectively.

• Ideal for coaches and managers looking to impact engagement and performance.

• Online support included making, introducing and implementing Packtypes easy.

• Enhances performance more cheaply and quickly than anything else you can do.

• Makes individual and team development fun and rewarding.

• Helps you improve relationships at home as well as at work, leading to happier workers.

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