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Our Packtypes Empowerment Process and Packtypes Coaching Solutions, equip and empower ‘everyone’ to perform.

Managers are coached to hold ‘Performance Conversations’.
Values and behaviours made meaningful and relevant.
Systems put in place to ensure no slipping backwards.

Turning your people into your greatest asset

We help ambitious leaders SME leaders convert inertia into momentum and disengagement into aspiration and performance.

Modular and easy start

We’ve developed a solution that is totally modular and ‘easy start’. To start with, give us just half a day with you and your leadership team, and we’ll show you how to maximise team engagement, productivity and performance and give you the confidence to get on with it.

3 Stage Packtypes Cultural Advantage Programme

Our Cultural Advantage Partner


We work withAddvantage Strategy’ to deliver our exceptionally powerful Packtypes Cultural Advantage Programmes.

Working closely with the core Packtypes team and with a detailed knowledge of our latest Packtypes thinking coupled to a deep understanding of people, empowerment and performance, The AddVantage Strategy team, are widely experienced in managing culture change projects.


Their systematic approach to empowering and engaging individuals, teams and whole organisations is unparalleled in its effectiveness.

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Our Packtypes Recruitment and Development Partner


No one understands how to attract, motivate and support people better than Edwards & Pearce.


Trained and supported by us, Edwards & Pearce are expert in using Packtypes to facilitate smart recruitment and Packtypes based development. Responsive and adaptable, every project they undertake is approached individually with outstanding passion and commitment.


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