What difference would a 20% attitude upgrade make to your school

Improve results and prepare students for life after school

You’ve probably discovered that certain things need to be learnt, not taught. That everyone benefits from increased self awareness and self esteem. That increased openness, confidence and motivation improves learning.
But what can you do to create an environment where everyone wants to learn?

Self empowered personal learning
Self empowered learners take responsibility for their own attitude, behaviour and learning. They make better decisions, are less disruptive, contribute and achieve more. Reducing serious incidents, exclusions, absenteeism and detentions

Recognising and valuing difference  
Packtypes Self Empowerment Packs help students recognise their own strengths and learning styles whilst teaching them to respect and value difference in others. By dramatically improving awareness, Packtypes transforms self esteem, confidence, openness, communication, respect, teamwork, learning and leadership.
Improving academic performance and increasing employability.

Learning led by pupils and students
Packtypes can be introduced into your school virtually training free, saving you
£1000’s of pounds and removing the need for extensive staff cover
Low cost, immediate impact!

Both primary and secondary pupils equipped with their own Packtypes Self Empowerment Packs use them at school and at home, practising, internalising and applying everything they learn.

Classroom trials
Pilot Packtypes with individual classes and once proven; roll it out across your whole school. Packtypes is so accessible and adaptable that EVERYONE; students, staff, SLT, and governors benefit from adopting the same approach. Integrate Packtypes into homework and include parents in your empowered learning zone.
Simple yet life changing!

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