Packtypes Teambuilding Solutions

Brilliant over zoom, Microsoft Teams etc

15 years exceptional feedback and a client list as long as your arm, are testament to how well Packtypes works and now our new Packtypes Teambuilding solution works as well over video conferencing as it does face to face.

Easy to understand

We’ve made Packtypes Teambuilding intuitive and easy, allowing line managers and in-house trainers to lead teambuilding sessions without time consuming and costly training making it exceptional value. 

Engaging and revealing

Packtypes works as well online as onsite encouraging even the shyest individuals to open up, allowing teams to address complex relationship issues. If you’ve previously experienced Packtypes you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Incredibly flexible

Flexible enough to support everything from 15 minute team briefs to longer team building sessions. Works equally well from the shop floor to the boardroom.

Positively uplifting

Given the pressures involved in running any team at the moment, the last thing you need is another chore. Packtypes certainly isn’t that. It leaves your team buzzing and up for all the challenges you face. 

Supportive of mental wellbeing

With increased employee isolation, managers need to work harder to address the mental wellbeing of team members. Packtypes Teambuilding supports this by providing the language and structure needed for open constructive and supportive conversation.  

Perfect virtual performance reviews

Complement outstanding team building with exceptionally effective and motivational virtual performance reviews using the same Packtypes language and methodology.

Choose your Packtypes Teambuilding Solution


Who is it for?  Anyone who has played Packtypes before, led a Packtypes team build before or is happy to use their own imagination or initiative.


Includes: Packtypes Team Bag for the team manager or workshop facilitator and Packtypes Professional Packs for each participant.


Key benefits: Incredibly good value and effective team building that will deliver sustainable individual and team performance improvement.

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What’s included?


The focus is on minimising cost and maximising flexibility. We provide everything you need to run your own outstandingly effective teambuilding.


1: Packtypes Team Bag (Equips facilitators to compare and aggregate profiles).

  • Team Leader Set: Packtypes Ground Mat, Beads and Bowls for comparing and aggregating profiles.

  • Simple Instructions: Easy to follow instructions on how to design your own teambuilding sessions complete with top tips, suggested timings and example exercises. 

  • Facilitator Notes: Easy to follow Facilitator Notes on leading successful teambuilding sessions with clear do’s and don’ts.

  • Quality Packtypes Bag: For storing and transporting your Packtypes essentials. 


2: Packtypes Professional Packs

Perfect for equipping and empowering team members to work together effectively whilst all individually achieving and maintaining their A Game. Includes: Packtypes Cards, Professional Guide, Instruction Card, A3 Packtypes grid,Profile Record Sheets

 £24.99 (+vat) per participant (min 10 packs)

From £465.60 (+vat) 

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