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Family relationships have more impact on the quality of our lives and our future happiness than anything else.  


Playing Packtypes brings your family together, gets you talking about the things that really matter and having fun! Spark amazing conversations, discover what you value and admire about eachother most. Learn to balance the conflicting pressures of family life, free from anxiety, guilt and worry. Help your whole family to enjoy greater confidence, openness, motivation, success and fulfilment. Understand those you love better and help them to understand and appreciate you!


Packtypes Mini means that even young children from age 6 can play!

Packtypes Connect - Revelation and conversation!

Designed with families and couples in mind. Packtypes Connect gets you talking about each other, life, goals, relationships, friendships, jobs and the future.


                                    £18.99 +p&p

Packtypes Mini - For children aged 7-12. Includes Packtypes Mini Self Awareness Cards and a Packtypes Personal Journal for children to record their exciting discoveries and profiles.

Packtypes Mini

£19.99 + p&p

 'Parented by Facebook, educated on YouTube'

Empowering children to achieve what they are capable of whilst recognising what's real, what's fake and what's dangerous'
by Packtypes Founder
Will Murray 

Packtypes Discover - Confidence and personal development

For those who want to go a little deeper!


                                    £25.99 +p&p

Book Launch Bundle Offer: Buy a copy of 'Parented by Facebook' with any pack and get £5 off!

How to play Packtypes


  • Go through the pack and pick 12 cards to describe the person you are Packtyping. Do it quickly.


  • Turn your cards over and talk about what the cards mean to you with help from Part 1 of the Packtypes Guide.


  • Part 1 also includes guidance on how to play Packtypes with friends, family and partners.


  • Part 2 of the guide shows you how to take Packtypes further, looking at confidence building, life choices and personal development.


  • Every snapshot is unique, every game a revelation!


How to play Packtypes Mini


  • Packtypes Mini works along the same lines as Packtypes but is even simpler to play.


  • Play with your children or let them play on their own! Great for developing confidence and learning about other people.

Meet the Packtypes Pack!     

Packtypes is based on Carl Jung’s ‘Theory of Type’. Years of research has shown that being able to identify your own and other peoples ‘type’ and being able to respond appropriately is likely to have a greater impact on your future success and quality of life than any other factor; including intelligence and qualifications.

These are the Packtypes ‘Types’ that Will Murray created as a result of many years working as a relationship trouble shooter:


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