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A Case Study:
(GVC Group)


Goal: To bring together a disparate team based in the UK, Gibraltar, Israel and Austria after a period of unprecedented challenge and change.

Outcome: Increased productivity and other sustainable, bottom-line benefits, without the need for anyone to travel anywhere.


"I’ve worked with Becky West at several different organisations so was very pleased to be able to help when she called me with an important request.


Covid had disrupted team performances at Entain. Everyone felt a bit removed from each other and isolated from the big issues impacting performance. Stepping in and providing the support Becky needed was straightforward and fun.


Here at Packtypes we pride ourselves on our personal service. I like seeing the careers of individuals’ I support, progress and try to always be available to help with any engagement and performance challenges our clients face.

The fact that we strive to treat all our relationships personally and respond individually, is one of the things that differentiates us from other improvement tools and development businesses. I love the fact that so many of our relationships that started off as client relationships, have now become friendships."

Will Murray, Founder Packtypes
Will Murray Packtypes

We needed to respond rapidly to different working practices.

“It became clear that things had changed dramatically in response to the pandemic. With new members joining the team, we desperately needed to reconnect and find effective ways to build strong working relationships."

Becky West, Global Learning & Development Manager, Entain (GVC Group)
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What was already a big challenge for everyone, was made harder by the fact that we have team members all over the place, including the UK, Gibraltar, Israel and Austria.

We decided what we needed was a sustainable (highly practical and cost effective), solution that would work as well virtually as it would face to face. Something capable of facilitating ‘virtual team away days’, and helping the team adapt to our new existence. Any solution had to be flexible enough to facilitate effective communication and team building in between awaydays and workshops.

Being a long-standing fan of Packtypes my immediate thought was to give Packtypes a try, but I didn’t know how well it would work over Microsoft or Zoom. Could Packtypes help us deal with the ‘new normal’ that had been imposed on all of us by Covid 19? Would Packtypes add as much value over the web as it does face to face?


After all, recreating the kind of emotion and engagement online, that using Packtypes face to face generates, is no easy task. 


To kick the process off, I contacted Will Murray, Founder of Packtypes, for his help in designing ‘virtual, 90-minute workshops’ capable of achieving all our desired objectives.


As it turned out, Will and the team at Packtypes were brilliant, supporting us in everything from designing bespoke workshops and coaching me on the best way to deliver them, to handling the logistics of sending out Packtypes Professional Packs to everyone across Europe, all in the middle of a global pandemic. No easy task, but they did it!

Following Will’s guidance I led the sessions, and everything worked brilliantly. Sessions took slightly longer than expected, but this was OK, because it was due to the high level of interest and discussion each session generated, which was ideal.


Everyone around Europe received their Packtypes Packs on time, and for me personally, orchestrating everything from here in the UK, it felt just like I was delivering the training face to face, in a conference room, with flipchart and the Packtypes Team Training mat set out in front of everyone.

zoom2 copy_edited.jpg

With the excellent support of the Packtypes team behind me, delivering Packtypes workshops and training online has been as good as running face to face events, and in some ways better.

Because we are all physically playing Packtypes, all be it in separate locations, everyone remains involved and engaged throughout. People feel understood and connected to each other, in a way I have never seen any other virtual team building approach even get close to.

Sustainable performance improvement and teambuilding


Following the workshops, I sent Will and his team copies of the team Packtypes profiles. He then sent me back incredibly insightful and detailed reports analysing individual and team strengths and highlighting possible development areas.


This feedback has proved invaluable, and we now incorporate it within additional Packtypes sessions where we analyse team effectiveness. As a result, we have become less reactive and more proactive, which was a big goal of ours. We are also using Packtypes to help us look at how we can be more strategic and less tactical.


Individuals use their Packtypes Packs constantly and we are running ‘virtual Packtypes Workshops’ every quarter. We also have action plans in place to shift our ‘team mindset’ and help teams perform better.


As Will says; ‘life’s better when we understand each other!’

Becky West, Global Learning & Development Manager, Entain (GVC Group)

Case Study Results: Entain (GVC Group)

Was using Packtypes over Microsoft Teams a success? 

The answer is an emphatic yes! 

We are more proactive and less reactive.
We are also more strategic and less tactical.
Everyone loves Packtypes and is committed to using it to drive their own individual performance.
Everyone has their own Packtypes Professional Pack and are empowered to lead their own personal development. 
Team development has been built into our way of working in a fully sustainable way.
Post workshop feedback has been invaluable in helping us shape and develop our teams which is delivering recognisable productivity and bottom-line benefits.
No one needs to travel anywhere, for individual and team development, which is better from a time and money perspective, and is in fact actually better than any other face to face teambuilding we have ever run. 

In Conclusion

Will and the team at Packtypes were brilliantly supportive and what we are doing with Packtypes is already directly benefitting performance.

We can’t wait to keep on using Packtypes!

What can we learn from Entain's Experience?

My experience with Becky and the team is a good example of our ethos here at Packtypes. We aren’t just a tool provider or engagement and development specialist. We are a group of people dedicated to helping individuals like you, teams and organisations succeed and overcome any challenges you face.

So whether you are, a student, parent, teacher, individual within a larger organisation, single team, charity, agency, SME, or global multinational, please just talk to us about any challenge you face and we will do whatever we can to help.


That’s what we are here for!

Will Murray, Founder Packtypes

Have a question?

Thanks for getting in touch, one of the team will get back to you shortly!

Geography is no barrier: 

It doesn’t matter how widely distributed your team is, using Packtypes can make it feel as though you are all working together in the same place. Life has changed and ways of work, we took for granted, have gone for ever. We must accept that work is now more virtual, which is why having a tool that makes physical barriers disappear is invaluable.


We’re here to help:

Talking to and working with our clients to create solutions bespoke to them, is in our DNA. We believe that Packtypes is the world leader in accessible and flexible, individual and team engagement and development, but we are equally proud of the way we listen to and support our clients.


Packtypes Professional and Packtypes Digital are both available: 

We don’t just offer Packtypes Professional, we also offer Packtypes Digital. Together they are unbeatable with ‘Digital’ spearheading the ‘Informing Process’ and ‘Professional’ spearheading the ‘Transformation Process’.

Unprecedented emotional engagement: 

Teams and organisations run on their emotions, but most development programmes focus on facts, skills and knowledge. Packtypes is totally different. It is playful, fun, personal and works as well at home as it does at work. If you think we are proud of Packtypes, you should talk to some of our seasoned users. They literally love Packtypes and are our greatest advocates and champions.

Tremendous cost effectiveness and flexibility:

In need of help and can’t find a viable, cost effective option? Don’t give up, try Packtypes. Tried different approaches in the past, and none of them have delivered sustainable improvement? Again, don’t stop believing in the importance of development work, just give Packtypes a go. Please talk to us, we are keen to help.


Turns development and improvement into everyday habits:

As with many things, if you don’t do them regularly, (ideally every day), there is a high likelihood that you will give up. This is why we equip people with their own Packtypes Packs and show them how to use them to deal with everyday challenges and relationships. Because it is used all the time, Packtypes turns improvements into habits.


Easy and cheap to trial: We know Packtypes is radically new and different. We know it is playful. These are some of the reasons it works so well. So rather than just tell you how good Packtypes is, we prefer you to try it, and find out for yourself. This is what turns sceptics into advocates.


So if in doubt call us, and we’ll quickly get you playing and experiencing Packtypes for yourself!

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