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A bit about Packtypes

The Packtypes journey started back in in 2006

Based on a mixture of Carl Jung's 'Type Theory', Abraham Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs', Charles Darwin's 'Theory of Evolution' and Howard Gardner's concept of 'Multiple Intelligence', Packtypes Self Awareness Cards were invented back in 2006 by Packtypes Founder Will Murray.   As a relationship trouble shooter he encountered self awareness issues everywhere he went. Age and seniority were no barrier to lack of self awareness. The issues he addressed all seemed to boil down to esteem and awareness and existing approaches weren't working. This is what spurred Will on to invent self awareness cards.

In 2009 Packtypes made the decision to start focusing on schools because that is where self awareness and self esteem issues start. As a result Packtypes Cards are now being used by thousands of Heads, teachers and students.

Today Packtypes is being used by 10'000s of individuals, businesses, organisations, schools, teams and families right across the country and abroad to develop stronger relationships and talk about what really matters.