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Packtypes Connect family game

£18.99 inc P&P!

Understand your family with Packtypes Connect


Packtypes families

Play Packtypes Connect to create conversation, boost confidence, gain understanding and create harmony in these challenging times!

Time spent with loved ones is so important


Family life can be funny and rewarding. Other times it’s emotional and makes us cry, but whatever form it takes, time with family and friends is the time we remember and value most.

But family life can also be frustrating and challenging. Particularly in the challenging times we find ourselves in. The secret to a rewarding family life is understanding what makes different family member tick. Being able to see things through their eyes. Only when we are able to recognise and embrace individual family differences, can we love each other for who we really are.


For young people the struggles are manyfold, taking time out to be mindful of what they are good at, what makes them different and why those differences are what makes them uniquely special is vital to boosting confidence and self esteem. The fact that Packtypes Connect is a fun game means that it happens without them noticing!

Packtypes brings families together and gets them talking. It helps families understand and love each other. It’s fascinating, entertaining to play and right now its so important.!



  • Play as a family. Play with your parents, brothers and sisters. Talk openly together, get to know each other properly, support each other. Grow closer as a family!

  • Proves YOU have UNLIMITED potential. Based on the proven and world leading Packtypes methodology playing Packtypes Connect highlights the amazing potential within everyone.

  • Watch your children’s faces light up. Playing Packtypes Connect gives you the reason and the words you need to let your loved ones know just why they are so special.

  • Trusted by schools and the NHS. Relied upon by 1000’s of schools, the police, the NHS and several Government and local authority departments, Packtypes Connect is a game you can totally trust.

  • Feel empowered. Playing Packtypes Connect helps young adults think for themselves, understand their own feelings, reflect and meditate, encouraging greater maturity and self-belief

  • Encourage mindfulness. With so much time spent on line, young people need help thinking for themselves. Luckily Playing Packtypes Connect helps them think independently and believe in themselves.

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