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Case Studies


Packtypes is being used by over 1000 schools around the country, please see below for case studies of 2 of our pioneering schools. If you would like further information please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Packtypes Case Study 1

Castle Hill Primary School, Cheltenham


"Having introduced Packtypes in 2010, teaching and learning standards across the school have continued to rise. We now have children who are more reflective about their work and curious to learn more. Packtypes has provided a framework for understanding different types of behaviour and when to use these behaviours to greatest effect, in or out of the classroom."
(Su Broadhurst, Head, Castle Hill)


Have a look at some of the ways we have used Packtypes to improve standards in our school across the board. Download pdf

Packtypes Case Study 2

North Birmingham Academy (NBA)

"We are using the Packtypes as a tool to get students talking about themselves, identifying any barriers to their learning and in helping them overcome those barriers.

You can actually see the difference in self-esteem, confidence and academic performance. There’s no doubt that they’ve helped us raise the aspirations and understanding of our staff and our student body."

(Kim Popratnjak, Principal)

Packtypes is totally embedded within the ethos of the school and drives the positive behaviour at the academy. This document illustrates just a fraction of what we have done and the impact it has had on behaviour.  Download pdf

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