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About Packtypes

Created by Will Murray, Packtypes is a compellingly creative card game designed to help you understand yourself and each other. Through this understanding we unlock social literacy, the key to building effective relationships and improving productivity. Since 2007 we have equipped over 100,000 children, young people and adults from all walks of life in schools, charities, public services, small businesses and blue-chip organisations to help them improve the way they perform, communicate and work together.


Using our experience working as problem solvers, trainers and facilitators in businesses around the world combined with our award-winning Packtypes kit, we deliver training, workshops and leadership programmes to help breakdown barriers and improve performance. 


Globally we are on a mission to address Universal Social Literacy, to give children and young people the confidence, skills and tools to recognise and value the difference in each other. We are building a programme of engagement for education as we help alternative and mainstream schools and education settings embrace Packtypes to give young people the understanding they need to help them have a sustainable, positive impact on the world and each other.


This is not a psychometric test, this is not a team building game, this is Packtypes! 

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