Transforming teaching and learning


Over the last 10 years Packtypes has been used by over 2000 schools to transform their teaching and learning.


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Packtypes Professional:
£21.66 plus VAT

Packtypes Cards and Journal designed
for students and education staff

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New Staff Development Bag: Only £495 plus VAT

School improvement in a bag


It’s never been easier to develop your staff and improve the performance of your whole school because we have put everything you need in one bag. The Packtypes mat, bowls and beads, 10 sets of Packtypes Learning and the School Leader Guide


We equip you to get your staff, SLT, Governors using Packtypes to enhance their own performance and teamwork. The School Leader Guide provides straightforward, easy to follow materials and guidance on how to embed Packtypes into all your school development activity including recruitment, classroom observation and managing change.


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Packtypes Class Pack

Packtypes KS2 Pupil Bag: Only £595 plus vat

Confident, successful, happy classrooms


Packtypes helps you enhance pupil attitude and behaviour by equipping pupils to recognise their own strengths and learning styles whilst building personal confidence and respect for differences in others. The outcome is happy, confident children ready to contribute and keen to learn.


The Packtypes Pupil Bag contains everything you need (including lesson plans, certificates, posters, mat, bowls and beads, record sheets and 30 packs of Packtypes Cards), to launch Packtypes to pupils and integrate it into your existing curriculum and class activities.


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Secondary Playing Packtypes

Packtypes KS 3-5 Student Bag: Only £795 plus vat

Equip your students for life


Increase student self awareness and self esteem. Accelerate student learning and improve academic results. Transform learning behaviours and attitudes to school, staff and other students. Develop more emotionally intelligent students.


The Packtypes Student Bag contains everything you need to help students make the right career and higher education choices and apply to university. It will help you increase student employability and prepare students for life and contains lesson plans covering areas including; increasing student resilience, leadership, problem solving, writing personal statements and personal communication.


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Inset Days and Staff Workshops: From £595 plus vat

As much or as little extra support as you would like


We’ve done everything we can to make Packtypes simple to launch and implement, but sometimes it makes sense to have an independent and fresh perspective to accelerate progress and impact.


Tell us about your particular priorities and we will energize and inspire your staff with a powerful and thought provoking Inset Day or Staff Workshop.


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Supporting Students and Staff


Packtypes helps  Headteachers:

  • Lead and unite their school

  • Create a compelling vision for the school

  • Engage parents and governors

  • Build links with other schools and organisations

  • Develop themselves


Packtypes helps teachers:

  • Cope with the stress of being teachers

  • Build stronger relationships with students and parents

  • Recognise their natural teaching strengths

  • Adapt to the needs of different children

  • Work more closely with other teachers

Children Playing Packtypes

Packtypes helps Primary school children:

  • Recognise that they are talented and worthwhile, regardless of where their talents lie

  • Look after their friends and classmates

  • Understand their own learning style, and recognise that different people learn in different ways

  • Understand how to bring out the best in siblings, classmates and even teachers.

  • Learn about mutual respect, the power of cooperation and teamwork


Packtypes helps Secondary school children:

  • Make the transition from primary school into secondary school without stress

  • Stand up for themselves and their friends in the face of inappropriate behaviour and bullying

  • Learn to listen and communicate in a way that works for them and others

  • Get to grips with teamwork and collaboration

  • Learn about their leadership potential and how to mentor younger children

Packtypes Careers

Packtypes helps Sixth formers:

  • Think about what they want to do with their life

  • Make the right subject and career choices for them as a person

  • Apply for and get the right job

  • Make a quick impact and add value to future employers

  • Create opportunities for themselves and other people

Packtypes Children