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Engaging your staffroom and classroom

Loved by over 2000 schools and school leaders 

An incredibly simple, versatile and cost-effective way to develop confident, communicative and highly engaged children and adults. Over the last 10 years Packtypes has been used by over 2000 schools to transform their learning, teaching and leading. 


Perfect for inspiring and developing confident, curious children in our increasingly virtual and isolated world.


Works from Year 4 to 13, giving: 

  • Younger children a springboard into a positive and productive secondary school experience.

  • Struggling children an invaluable motivation and self-esteem lifeline.

  • All children great communication, relationship and team skills.

  • Older children a leg up with UCAS and career decisions. 


Helps teachers build strong relationships with every child they teach, their teaching assistants, colleagues, parents and school leaders.


Practical, quick and easy to fit seamlessly into already crowded school days. Reduces distracting conflict and tensions. A classroom must have. 


Mastering diverse and challenging school relationships is one of the greatest challenges any school leader faces. What is the best way to achieve this?
One relationship at a time, which is how Packtypes helps.

Whether it is communicating with everyone, recruiting the right staff, improving teamwork, motivational staff feedback and effective staff development, supporting children, working with colleagues and governors, or sitting down with parents, Packtypes turns your relationship skills into your school leader superpower. 

How to get started

Schools have been using Packtypes for over 15 years, so there are a lot of experienced Packtypes out there. But we are constantly updating our suggested best practice so what is the best way to get started if you are new to the Packtypes game?

Packtypes schools

Start with your leadership team:

Start by equipping and engaging your SLT. Our Packtypes Staff Development Bag is perfect for this, including all the instructions and materials you need to get you started.

Packtypes in Action

Equip your best staff first:

Packtypes is a social literacy tool so give your best staff their own Packtypes Professional Pack so they can play and practice for themselves. This is the how people learn and grow.

Packtypes Staff

Become social literacy role models: 

Encourage other staff members to observe you playing Packtypes. Let them see for themselves how playing Packtypes overcomes even the most challenging people situations.  

Children Playing Packtypes

Don’t forget the children:

Packtypes is brilliant with adults, but it’s children who benefit the most. Start introducing it to pupils in tutorials, PSHE, career and UCAS sessions, select subjects and one to one coaching.  

Packtypes St Andrews School

Keep it fun:

One of the reasons Packtypes works so well is that it is fun, so introduce it in an informal fun way. Gradually get as many people playing as possible. Introduce it to your pupils’ parents and families as you go.

I Kissed a Frog Will Murray Book

Read up:

Will Murray’s new book ‘I Kissed a Frog, and I Liked It’ lifts the lid on the power of social literacy to change lives. It’s short, full of light bulb moments and inspiring. Read it to energise yourself and your team.   

Don’t be afraid to ask for help: We are here and keen to help. We offer great Inset and Leadership Days and online help is always available on the best ways to implement Packtypes in any given situation.  

Own Your Attitude

Developed in conjunction with schools in Plymouth our ‘Packtypes, Own Your Attitude’ (OYA) programme is tailormade to help teachers introduce Packtypes to children.

Packtypes OYA includes:


  • 3, one-hour, teacher support sessions. (Delivered over Zoom or similar)

  • 30 X Set of ‘OYA Workbooks’: Workbook 1 'Ready To Learn'

  • 30 X Packtypes Feedback Cards


Workbooks can be used:

  • To support individual children who require additional self-esteem or relationship help

  • To develop and inspire whole classes as part of your PSHE curriculum

  • In a less formal more, opportunity led way in tutorials and other classes, as time permits


£750 +VAT

Workbook 2 "Ready for Life" is available as required once you have completed 'Ready to Learn'


To find out more about OYA please get in touch!

Packtypes OYA Schools
Packtypes OYA 2

Packtypes Everyday Feedback
£24.99 plus VAT


Packtypes Cards and

Guide for students and education staff

Staff Development Bag: Only £565.60 plus VAT

School improvement in a bag


It’s never been easier to develop your staff and improve the performance of your whole school because we have put everything you need in one bag. The Packtypes mat, bowls and beads, 10 sets of Packtypes Professional and the School Leader Guide


We equip you to get your staff, SLT, Governors using Packtypes to enhance their own performance and teamwork. The School Leader Guide provides straightforward, easy to follow materials and guidance on how to embed Packtypes into all your school development activity including recruitment, classroom observation and managing change.


Request our brochure for more information!


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Packtypes KS 3-5 Student Bag: Only £795 plus vat

Equip your students for life


Increase student social literacy, self awareness and self esteem. Accelerate student learning and improve academic results. Transform learning behaviours and attitudes to school, staff and other students. Develop more emotionally intelligent students.


The Packtypes Student Bag contains everything you need to help students make the right career and higher education choices and apply to university. It will help you increase student employability and prepare students for life and contains lesson plans covering areas including; increasing student resilience, leadership, problem solving, writing personal statements and personal communication.


Request our brochure for more information!


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adults playing packtypes

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Inset Days and Staff Workshops: From £595 plus vat

As much or as little extra support as you would like


We’ve done everything we can to make Packtypes simple to launch and implement, but sometimes it makes sense to have an independent and fresh perspective to accelerate progress and impact.


Tell us about your particular priorities and we will energize and inspire your staff with a powerful and thought provoking Inset Day or Staff Workshop.


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Packtypes Class Pack
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