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Why self-awareness is over-rated, and what you should be focusing on instead

A lot of people talk about self-awareness as if it's the be-all and end-all of personal development. But in my opinion, understanding yourself is only one part of the equation – and it's not even the most important part. Your ability to recognize and value differences in other people is far more valuable. In this article, I'll explain why self-awareness is overrated and what you should focus on instead.

First of all, understanding yourself can only take you so far. Without context and perspective from others, your self-understanding will always be lacking. On the other hand, the ability to recognize and value differences in others expands your understanding not only of them but also of yourself and the world around you.

Additionally, there's something to be said about the language we use when talking about self-awareness. The term itself is passive – "I am self-aware." But in reality, what matters more is whether or not you actively value yourself and those strengths in others. That's what I mean when I talk about social literacy – the ability to understand and appreciate diverse perspectives and experiences.

So next time you focus on personal development, don't just ask yourself, "Am I self-aware?" Instead, strive to actively value and appreciate the unique traits and experiences of those around you. It's a much more meaningful and fulfilling way to improve yourself and your relationships with others.

Packtypes is the tool we have created to help leaders, team members, family members, and peer groups better understand themselves and each other, strengthening relationships and improving productivity. By 'packtyping' yourself and one another, you see yourself through the eyes of others and learn more about yourself. This insight helps you understand different behaviours and actions inside and outside the workplace.

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