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Explaining social literacy to a child

Recently a friend's granddaughter asked me what I did for work, what a question!

I had to think really hard, how on earth do I explain Social Literacy to an 8 year old?

I gave it a go, it was pretty tough. This is what i said...

"Have you ever read a really good book? One with amazing characters, so well described that you get lost in those characters. You understand them inside out because the descriptions are so brilliant. You feel like you know them, you feel like you may know how they’d react, what they may say to you and what they may do.

That is what social literacy does, but it allows you to do that with real life people with your friends and your classmates. They can understand you. You can understand them. You know what they would be brilliant at. You learn to work together, to play together, to do great things together and build wonderful friendships that last your entire life.

That's social literacy. I’ve made a pack of cards with dog pictures on, a game to help people do this. The game is called Packtypes.”

What do you think? How would you describe what you do in a few words to a child?

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