Packtypes; the world’s ultimate Self Empowerment Tool

You are a vibrant, thinking, feeling, fully-functioning
human being with your own unique strengths…

…so stop worrying what other people think
and start focusing on the real you!

Amazing people don’t just happen

Packtypes equips and empowers you to be more self aware, to develop your own esteem, confidence, attitude, communication, relationships and teamwork skills

* Using Packtypes yourself energizes the way you think about yourself and other people
* Equipping young people develops aspiration and turbo boosts the way they learn
* Equipping families improves lives and relationships
* Equipping adults opens new doors in every direction
* Equipping whole teams transforms team and organisational performance

The Packtypes Social Fitness Box – Packtype yourself!

Do what is right for you
Discover what you’ve got, what you are not and who you are
Choose wisely
Life’s too important to leave big decisions to chance
Don’t let someone else make your big decisions for you

Leaps of faith
When you understand yourself and other people properly
you can go with your gut and trust your intuition

What’s in the box? Everything you need

Packtypes Self Awareness Cards: To profile yourself and other people
Packtypes Social Fitness Guide: To help you understand Packtypes
Packtypes Social Fitness Exercise Book: To help you reflect on progress

Price: £49.99 inclusive of VAT

No matter who you are,
you can use Packtypes!

Mum, young person, teacher, CEO, young offender, politician, parent, leader, NEET, team player, coach, friend, soldier, team leader, dad, headteacher, unemployed, student, foster parent, police officer, child prodigy, health worker, prison  officer