Tackling today’s big attitude and behaviour challenges

Packtypes is a ‘social business’ working with schools, the police, businesses, support agencies and coaches  to transform attitude, behaviour and performance

Packtypes Self Awareness Cards

Our unique and user friendly Self Awareness Cards dramatically increase self awareness in children and adults from the most gifted to the most challenged. Over the last few years we have equipped over 30,000 children, young people and adults from all walks of life.

Self Awareness Instructors

We train instructors as committed to making a difference as we are, to transform awareness, esteem and confidence in children, adults and teams. We have a unique relationship with our instructors and work tirelessly alongside them to give everyone the same chances in life.

Download our PDF to find out more: 2014 Packtypes Self Awareness Instructor Brochure

Try Packtypes for yourself, the Packtypes Social Fitness box

If you want to be more self aware and are interested in experiencing Packtypes for yourself then our Packtypes Social Fitness Box is the ideal answer

What’s in the box? Everything you need
Packtypes Self Awareness Cards: To profile yourself and other people
Packtypes Social Fitness Guide: To help you understand Packtypes
Packtypes Social Fitness Exercise Book: To help you reflect on progress

Price: £49.99 inclusive of VAT

No matter who you are,
this relates to you!

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