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Large Organisations

Forward thinking and ambitious leaders everywhere are recognising the potential of Packtypes Empowerment Solutions to take their organisations' performance and culture to the next level; and keep it there!

A quick glance at our client list will show you just how widely relied upon and trusted our Packtypes Solutions are becoming.

From 30,000 colleagues in ASDA to complete cultural transformation at Durham Constabulary, the reach and impact of Packtypes in large organisations is unprecedented and unique. Nothing is more effective than Packtypes at empowering and engaging whole organisations, taking performance to a whole new level.

When it comes to our largest clients, nothing is off the table:


·      Bespoke characters and materials? No problem!

·      100,000 colleagues to empower? No problem!

·      Global locations and multiple languages? No problem!


For maximum engagement and performance; do less not more!


Empowerment and engagement require focus. Too many initiatives damage that focus, promoting cynicism and apathy, encouraging your managers and employees to feel and behave like victims. The solutions is doing one thing well!


The only people performance initiative you need:


·      From CEO to latest recruit; Packtypes works!

·      From empowerment to leadership; Packtypes works!

·      From regular performance conversations to annual reviews; Packtypes works!

·      From colleagues to customers, partners and suppliers; Packtypes works!

·      From recruitment, personal development, teambuilding, leadership, values, messaging, and branding; Packtypes works!


To experience Packtypes for yourself and discover how it can transform your performance, talk to us now!

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