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Packtypes Everyday Feedback Tool

'Success in your own hands'

Success and happiness are determined by how we behave in different situations. The truth is, we are all capable of behaving in ways we’ve never dreamed possible.
No matter what your life, relationship or leadership goals, success depends on working out how you naturally behave in different situations, and what would work better.

Start practicing these powerful new success behaviours. Get in the habit of asking for and acting upon everyday feedback, and progress is inevitable.
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Sounds easy?

It is when you know how?

The world’s first psychometric game, Packtypes works for individuals, families, teams and whole organisations, regardless of age, experience, background or personality, helping you develop and track success behaviours, and turn them into rewarding, winning habits.

Tried and trusted

Relied upon for over 17 years by 100,000s of individuals and families, 1000s of schools, the NHS, the police, leading businesses and charities, including the NSPCC.
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Parent, boss, teammate, leader, friend, student, teacher, partner?

Playing Packtypes is the fastest, most effective and most enjoyable way to achieve your own, your family’s, team’s, or organisation’s goals. Simply….
  • Play Packtypes to determine the best way to communicate and behave, in different roles, situations and relationships.
  • Identify existing behaviours and preferences and work out what needs to change. Practice demonstrating your new success behaviours, using Packtypes to ask for daily feedback.
  • Keep practicing until you master your desired success behaviours, then repeat in different situations until you’ve improved every aspect of your life, relationships and performance. 

Which Solution is right for you?

Businesses and Organisations

Your people, your
greatest asset


Playing Packtypes transforms engagement, teamwork, productivity and performance.

Our tried and tested range of innovative and playful Packtypes Solutions can 

empower and engage your whole organisation.

Coaches and Team Leaders

Inspiring performance conversations


Our Packtypes DIY Team Bag provides everything needed to empower and engage individuals and teams. Includes clear instructions, Packtypes Team Analysis Set, and 10 Packtypes Professionals to equip team members with. 

Education and Schools

Engaging your staffroom and classroom


A versatile and cost-effective way to develop confident, communicative and highly engaged children and adults. Over the last 10 years Packtypes has been used by over 1500 schools to transform learning, teaching and leading.

Individuals and Families

Gets you talking,
makes you think


Whether you’re looking to develop yourself or your family, nothing boosts confidence, improves communication, makes people feel good about themselves or enhances your overall family dynamic, more effectively and playfully than Packtypes.

What is Packtypes Feedback?

The science behind Packtypes


Created in 2007 by Will Murray, Packtypes is a compellingly creative, psychometric based feedback tool, that utilises the same proven and sophisticated psychology that complex and expensive psychometric tests use.  


But that is where the similarity ends. Instead of the experts and complicated reports, that often go unread and unheeded, playing Packtypes gets people thinking for ‘themselves’ about what they do well and where they can do even better. At home and at work!

The benefit of regular Packtypes Feedback

  • Greater self and social awareness, self-esteem, confidence, tolerance, and self-control. 

  • Reduced misunderstandings, frustration, and conflict.

  • Improved wellbeing, resilience, decision making, and aspiration.  

  • Turbo-charged relationships, family life, teamwork, leadership, and performance.


Tried, tested and trusted

Since 2007 Packtypes has helped 1000’s of businesses, schools, the police, the NHS and charities, and 100,000’s of individuals, grow in confidence, develop as individuals, relate to each other, engage at work and perform to their full potential.


Packtypes in the workplace

Nothing improves workplace engagement and performance more quickly and cost effectively than regular feedback across your organisation, especially the 40% of UK workers who currently don't receive any training.


Introducing Packtypes across your team or organisation: 

  • Turns performance improvement into an everyday, everyone thing.

  • Transforms engagement from within, not above, inspiring everyone to own the goals of the organisation.

  • Turns ‘quiet quitters’ into team players and brand advocates. 

  • Gives managers the tool they need, to support their teams and become the leaders they want to be.


This is not a psychometric test, this is not a team building game, this is Packtypes Feedback! 


What our clients say...

"Packtypes is unparalleled in increasing social literacy rapidly with different audiences and any thing that reduces absenteeism and transforms employee engagement in the NHS is a must right now.

Previously I had utillised psychometric tools like MTI and OPQ for profiling purposes and in comparison I found Packtypes much quicker, more fun and easier to interpret and apply"

Don't just take our word for it... read some case studies!

Packtypes at Durham Constabulary. Mike Barton

"We've been scored outstanding on efficiency but I always say it's not about efficiency, it's about people"


Chief Constable Mike Barton

Durham Constabulary

Packtypes with Asda

"We got 180,000 staff thinking deeply about themselves and their colleagues"


Nick Green,

Senior Director for Talent, Diversity, Leadership ASDA

Gala Bingo Packtypes

"We all love Packtypes. Will and the team at Packtypes were brilliantly supportive. It’s already benefitting performance and we can’t wait to keep on using Packtypes!”

Becky West,

Global Learning Partner, GVC Group

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