Open up and talk about what really matters!

We know that talking together at home, at work and at school is an essential part of our mental health. Packtypes helps you understand everyone better, including yourself and gets people talking about the things that really matter.


The idea is simple. A psychometric based game that takes minutes to understand yet is so revealing and uplifting that just playing enhances self awareness, esteem, confidence, understanding and relationships. 

For years Packtypes has been trusted by schools, the police, NHS Trusts, charities and businesses to get people to open up and talk. Now designed specifically with you, families and couples in mind, everyone can play!

2019 Packtypes game

Learn something new every time you play;

  • Work out who you are and what’s most important

  • Understand other people better

  • Build confidence and strengthen relationships 

  • Make important decisions, take action 

  • Great for couples, individuals and families 

  • Ideal gift for anyone you want to inspire or motivate


'Parented by Facebook, educated on YouTube'

Empowering children to achieve what they are capable of whilst recognising what's real, what's fake and what's dangerous'

by Packtypes Founder
Will Murray 
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