Parented by Facebook, Educated on YouTube

Parented by Facebook, Educated on YouTube


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Our children’s futures are too important to leave to chance!

We want the best for our kids. We want to protect them. Help them grow. Give them the best opportunities. But it’s hard!

Kids don’t come with instructions. So we do what we feel is right, learn from others, and, occasionally, make it up as we go. Inevitably, sometimes we get it wrong. And when we do we feel guilty and think we’re failing.


It’s not easy for kids either. They're exploring who they are. Finding their place in the world. Testing boundaries and learning as they grow.


Bringing up kids – made simpler!

If we want our voice to be one of the ones our children listen to, then we need to connect with them. To understand them. To build trust. To engage them.


Written by behaviour expert and Creator of Packtypes, Will Murray, Parented by Facebook, Educated on YouTube is packed with insightful facts and practical strategies for connecting with, inspiring and empowering kids. It’s to the point, entertaining to read, emotional, challenging and powerful.


Parented by Facebook will equip you to:

  • Understand your personal parenting style.
  • Recognise the strengths and preferences of your children so you can motivate and engage them in ways that suit them best.
  • Learn to talk openly as a family, to listen to each other, build family trust and stop the blame game.
  • Avoid jumping in too quickly.
  • Help your children take greater personal responsibility.
  • Spot signs of anxiety in family members.
  • Encourage safe risk taking.
  • Deal with challenging behaviour.


Parenting is challenging. But Parented by Facebook, Educated on YouTube is your guide to help make parenting that little bit easier!